Record function

Real-time monitor and control the environment temperature by a preset temperature- time profile.

Dispersion control

By a RS485 network, the ECO-3Mini can connect multiple ECO-IRs to accomplish the distributed control for equipments(max.4).

Expanded module

The ECO-IR can remote control the air conditioner, monitor the temperaure and measure the current consumption of the equipment.

Remote management

By the ethernet(intranet), the ECO-3Mini can also connect with many independent monitors which can remote control all the distributed equipments. One ECO-3 can serve 10 independent monitors.

Record function

The ECO-3Mini can record the related data for over one month. Meanwhile, the data can be filed easily via a USB interface of the ECO-3Mini.

Topology of the control netwrok:


130mm x 105mm x 35mm±1mm


4-inch TFT Color touch-screen

LED back light, 800 X 480 pixel


LAN1:Ethernet (Default)

LAN2:Ethernet (Option, or RS485)

Operating Power

100~ 240VAC 50/60Hz

(Built-in 5A Fuse)

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature