Air-conditioning saving module

Let your air-conditioning more humanizing


How does ECO-IR save energy on air-conditioner?

Cycle Suspend

 multiple air conditioners take turns running in fan mode(Compressor turns off)
 to achieve energy-saving. According to the actual test results, effective energy
 saving rates up to16.7%.

            Best environment


When the ambient temperature is below the set value, ECO-IR will set air conditioning on fan mode.


high ambient humidity will make people feel stuffy. Through ECO-IR measures humidity, timely running A/C on dry mode to create the comfortable environment.

Power states

Knowing A/C power states by current measurement. With ECO-5, ECO-IR can load shedding.

Humanizing status light

 ECO-IR have full-color LED can show the currect status.

Periods setting-high degree of freedom

 Weekly schedule has 16 period per day. Users can set air conditioning to turn
 on & off, according to periods setting.
 Deactivate date setting: air conditioning will not operate on the specified date.

            High compatibility

        ECO-IR is compatible with most air conditioners on the market.

    Window/split type air conditioner
    Users don't need to modify A/C. ECO-IR controls A/C by copying infrared code.

    Central air conditioning system
    It can be control by direct digital input(DI) and digital output(DO).


Passive infrared sensor

 With PIR sensor, ECO-IR can detect motion from people in this area
 and turn on the air conditioning. If no one in this area in a period,
 ECO-IR will turn off the air conditioning stage by stage.


 Three kinds of communication : RS-485, ZigBee

  Choosing communication mode according to environment.


Installing ECO-IR in series. ECO-3 can be connected up to 30 quantities of ECO-IR.


ZigBee is a kind of wireless communication with secure networking and low power. Quantity of ECO-IR can up to 30 with ECO-3.


More applications for ECO-IR

Digital output(DO)
 ECO-IR which has built-in 2 set of DO relays,
  can stop supply power to device.
    The application of ECO-IR is installed
     in central air conditioning system,
     conventional device, etc.

Digital input(DI):
1.General mode : DI connected external sensors such as smoke detector, reed  switch, and so on, provides back-end monitoring system to monitor the
 state of the scene or collect data.
2.Manual mode : DI connected external button can control state of
  air-conditioning : 1.power on 2.power off 3.cold mode mode


Instance of ECO-IR

     90 sets of ECO-IR which control air conditioning, are separately installed
     in 90 classrooms of the university. Furthermore, 3 sets of ECO-3
     managing ECO-IR are installed in the monitoring room.

     Advantage: Periods controlling, Centralized management, 
           Independent operation.













116x75x30mm ±1mm

Communication Protocol

Communication Interface RS-485/ZigBee(optional)
Measuring Temperature

-10°C ~ 54°C External thermistor
Humidity Measurement

Measuring Current

0~15ASplit-core CT (optional)
Digital input 2point Digital input
Digital output

2Point Digital output(max. current 2A)
Power Consumption

Power Supply 96~240VAC




structure eco-ir
structure eco-ir