Electricity Analysis System

 Data was uploaded to ECO-Cloud from all over the world

  ECO-5 can upload data to ECO-Cloud even if ECO-5 was installed in all around
  the world.

Connect ECO-Cloud anywhere anytime.

 Broswer ECO-Cloud on the internet by computer or smart phone and so on.


 View information instantly

Initiative inform

 Inform alarm by SMS or E-mail: communication, demand, voltage, current
 and energy used. ECO-Cloud can send daily and monthly report by E-mail.


 Multiple report and analysis of electricity comparison chart.

  Electricity Trend Chart, Electricity values record, Daily report,
  Monthly report, Multi-Meter Trend Chart, Benefit analysis chart,
  Energy Comparison Cxhart, Time interval Comparison Chart,
  Benefit analysis chart, Single Meter Proportional Chart,
  Multi-Meter Proportional Char.

Instance of ECO-Cloud

 certain frozen food company was located in the hillside so
 communication line construction was not easy.
 By wireless network ECO-5 upload data to ECO-Cloud.

 Through ECO-Cloud, clients can know power consumption of
 smart meter and plan energy-saving plan.








CPU 1 GHz or more


Hard disk 2GB

Available disk space 850MB


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5







structure eco-ir